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Thank you to Wayne from professional building and pest inspections for his responsive, obliging and reliable service. Inspection was arranged and carried out in a timely manner. Condition reports received same day, entailing a detailed and thorough analysis of the property. Available to answer all questions. An exceptional service all round. Highly recommend - if you want honest service by an experienced builder!

Holly Marie

Many thanks for undertaking these inspections and your comprehensive and very timely reports. I am most grateful to you for the quality and detail of your work, as well as your willingness and ability to attend to this job so quickly.
I have no questions as all my areas of interest have been addressed in your reports and are self-explanatory.  You have my recommendation for anyone requiring your services.

Jeanette, Wentworth Falls

Just wanted to say thank you in relation to my Pest & Building Report which I have received. Was terrific to see such a thorough and professional job.  Will definitely be recommending your services to friends and family in The Hawkesbury/Nepean.  You also impressed my Real Estate Agent.  Says more should be done with your commitment.

Nicole, Bowen Mountain

Thank you so much for sending the report through so quickly. Can I also say that I appreciate your  "walk and Talk" method. It addressed a few of my initial concerns about the property and it was also a delightful learning experience for me. (even though I've been buying and selling properties for years!!!)
Oh and I'll be telling people about my positive experience…SO,thank you again.

Jennifer, Katoomba

Many thanks for all the advice. We really appreciate your thorough and unbiased assessment. You have saved us a great deal of heart ache and money.  We’ll be in touch when we find the next property.

Gary and Tess, Springwood

Thanks ever so much for your professional expertise and fully detailed comprehensive reports on the property. And also a huge thanks for being so prompt in such a short amount of time so that Penny and I could meet the proposed deadline for our cooling off period in order to provide peace of mind in knowing we have chosen a solid property.  Until our next pest inspection.

Alec and Penny, Katoomba

Thanks again for being so thorough and professional. It was a big relief to know the job was done properly by someone who takes pride in their work, so thank you! We will have no hesitation in recommending you to others in future, and we'll be in touch if we need your help again.

Joshua, Faulconbridge

We were so impressed with your thorough service and report. Thank you for meeting us afterwards as well. We will recommend you to many.

Rowena and John, Wentworth Falls

Used this company as the usual company we use were not available and the service was exceptional! We needed it done within a few days and that wasn't a problem. The customer service was incredible, he was very accommodating and helpful. The report we received was very thorough and in-depth. The gentleman even took the time to meet at the property and go through it with my partner for around an hour after already being there for sometime. I will not be using anyone else from now on as this company is fantastic!

Michelle, Kurrajong

I would very much like to thank you for doing another inspection for mum and I and for taking the time to chat and answer questions about the house, we appreciate it immensely.  Thank you once again for being so generous with your knowledge and time.

Paulina, Mount Victoria

Thank you for your reports which have arrived and been scrutinised.   No questions!
And also thank you for spending time with Chris and me afterwards yesterday;  we found your insights and advice most helpful too.

Elizabeth, Katoomba

Thank you so much for your reports and more so, your comprehensive, personal overview.  I feel better informed about the property.....Awesome service!!

Susie, Katoomba

So, thank you very much for the report and for the verbal account you gave to me. You have obviously done a thorough job and I do appreciate it. I am glad that no major defects were to be found ......and I think it is a very good idea to have a pre sale inspection done because then everyone knows where they stand.

Coralee, Katoomba

Thanks once again for getting it done so quickly, and for talking me through it all over the phone. Really appreciate the time and effort. So much better than the last guys I had do a pre-purchase inspection!

Matt, Wentworth Falls

Thank you very much for your very thorough and precise report, really appreciated.  I will definitely recommend you to anyone requiring a pest and building inspection. Thank you again for your time and professionalism.

Michelle, Portland

The information is very helpful and I shall certainly rectify some of the areas you have identified.
It is very thorough, thank you, and I'll certainly use the reports as continuing checklists, as well as making a priority list of work.

Zoe, Blackheath

We are so thankful for the time you have taken in inspecting our new home.  We will always remember how you have helped us to make this wonderful property our home.  Thank you so much for all you have done for us.

Andy and Mandy, Katoomba

Thank you for your thoroughness, promptness and your courtesy. 

Richard, Wentworth Falls

Thank you kindly for your fast, friendly and thorough service! We will no doubt be highly recommending you to others (as we were) and be keeping in touch for regular inspections of our property. 

Erin, Leura

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